Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chapel Road

I took this photo two-and-a-bit weeks ago, at the last meeting of my old church, Chapel Road Uniting Fellowship, in Keysborough, a suburb of Dandenong.
Chapel Road Uniting Fellowship building

Basically, the church was started for people from the Uniting Church who had problems with the Uniting Church saying that homosexuality was okay, and wanted more Biblically-based teaching, including teaching about the Holy Spirit. The building in the photo was where we eventually ended up meeting on Sundays (previously we'd met in people's houses).

So far, this is where I had my most positive experience of church. Although there were only about twenty-five regulars most fo the time I was a part of this church, it was a genuine community. 'Fellowship' was more than a cup of tea or coffee - it was like being in a functional family. The sermons were interactive, rather than it just being the pastor transferring his knowledge to us 'lay people'.

Now a significant number of churches have agreed to leave the denomination and start a new one, unless the Synod (church council) returns to more biblical teaching. Because of this, there isn't really a need for this kind of church anymore, and the building has now been taken over by some church-planters who have come from Samoa to start a multicultural Christian community in Keysborough.


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