Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bank of New Zealand?

I think this is the Bank of New Zealand. I will check when I'm in the city tomorrow or on Monday, and if it isn't, then I'll correct this. If it turns out that it is, then I will point out that it looks like it's out of Lord of the Rings. Either way, it is a big, gothic revival building on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street in Melbourne CBD.

1:30am December 8: Sorry, turns out it is actually Manchester Unity. And it is actually art deco rather than gothic revival.


At 8:45 pm, Blogger Taqwa said...

Even if it isn't, its still out of LOTR, thats bob's house, saurons evil twin..

At 1:20 am, Blogger Christop said...

Oh yeah, that's right. Just trying to remember, did that make him twice as evil as Saruman, or was it that they sort oif took it in turns being the evil twin to make the whole evil twin deal more fair on each other, rather than just the one of them being stuck with being an evil twin 100% of the time?

At 12:24 pm, Blogger Taqwa said...

they fought it out at first, for a hella long time (i love Mr. T!) then their mother made them just share.. uhh.. i forget the place.. i dont think it was mordor..

I haven't read LOTR in too long..

At 6:35 pm, Blogger photizo said...

hey man what happened to the photo you took sunday night?

At 1:04 am, Blogger Christop said...

Photizo: It'll be up in a few minutes.

Taqwa: Were they fighting about who got to be the evil twin?


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