Thursday, December 02, 2004

Urban Seed

The last two weeks I've spent a few afternoons in Baptist Place, an alley off Little Collins Street, in Melbourne CBD. I took these photos there today (Wednesday). Note that the bottom photo is bent. That happened while shoving it into my backpack.
Baptist Place Baptist Place Baptist Place
Baptist Place
Baptist Place is used by drug users as a place to inject heroin.
Urban Seed provide free lunches to the people who use Baptist Place, through their Credo Café. They also run art classes for the street people every Wednesday afternoon. The article below is from Monday's (mostly garbageous) edition of MX:
Urban Seed interview
Partnering with VIVAIDS, Urban Seed have commissioned some artists to paint murals in Baptist Place 'depciting issues of Koori, Vietnamese and Anglo injecting drug users in Baptist Place.' The launch of the Laneway Mural Project is at 3:30pm on Wednesday December 8. Below is a photo of one of the murals, from a flyer Garry (one of the muralists) gaves me.
Laneway Murla Project invitation


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