Monday, December 27, 2004

First dates

This is my rather late entry for week two of Blogger Idol, on the topic of 'first dates'.
This looks like it could be a nice, picturesque place for a first date - a picnic maybe? It's the golf course a new housing estate which is being built in Scoresby. (I took some photos there earlier in the year - 1, 2.) I took these photos at about 5:30, after all the workers had gone home.
The good things about having a date here are that it looks nice, and since it's not finished yet, it's very peaceful (after working hours). Possible downsides are that the owners might not be to happy to find out people have been picnicking on their golf course before the estate has even been finished and that you have to get across Ferny Creek. However, for more adventurous couples, this could be seen as a plus.


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